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Behind the Scenes Development of the Accessible Canada Act
Are you one of those people?
Are you one of those people who seem to know things before everyone else?Then you are invited to join us to get the inside scoop on everything Accessibility.
Over the next months and years as the Accessible Canada Act develops, we here at AccessibiliTV will be bringing interviews, stories and insights into the development of the most important piece of legislation for disabled Canadians, ever.
So if you want to get the jump on the rest of the country and catch a glimpse behind the scenes of what is going on with Your Act, then join us. Because you won't be seeing any of this, anywhere else!
What Does Accessibility Mean?
Why is there an Accessible Canada Act?
What Does a Barrier Free Canada Mean?
What are the Principles of the Accessible Canada Act?
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The Innovation of Accessibility
AccessibiliTV is about the Innovation of Accessibility issues for people with disabilities. Since the Royal Ascension of Bill C-81 and the formation of the Accessible Canada Act, the world has changed for people with Disabilities and Invisible Disabilities.
Stay tuned for everything Access related, coming to AccessibiliTV.